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A Pagan Civil Rights Coalition

Our Freedom: A Pagan Civil Rights Coalition consists of leaders and liaisons of national Pagan organizations and publications in America, as well as other key individuals who have a strong national presence.

Our Freedom undertakes educational, informational, and advocacy projects directed at mainstream media, government, and cultural institutions as one of the many voices of the U.S. Pagan movement. We represent ourselves and/or our organizations, not all Pagans. We are a voice of the American Pagan movement, not the voice. Our projects encourage accuracy, fairness, and civil rights for Pagans.

The OurFreedom list is a forum for networking and resource-sharing among coalition members. It is also a "hotline" to notify said people of important issues affecting the national Pagan community and to coordinate any national response.

This is one of the most successful attempt yet to build a working coalition in the national sphere of the Pagan movement. Perhaps our most important goal is simply to keep the lines of communication open among national groups. We encourage and support similar coalitions in the local, regional, national, and international spheres and continue to work for the health and freedom of Pagan religions.