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OurFreedom e-mail discussion list

List moderator: Dagonet Dewr

In order to keep traffic on the Our Freedom e-mail list to a manageable level, we have created the OurFreedomRoundTable list as a subsidiary/companion discussion list. All OF Full members are eligible for membership in the OFRT list and are automatically subscribed when their application to the coalition is approved. Only OF Full members are admitted to the list.

OFRT is the place to take off- or slightly off-topic discussions from the OurFreedom list, or to discuss other issues of any kind among ourselves. Discussions may be suggested moved by the moderators of the OF list, moderators of the OFRT list, or any list member.

Please feel free to follow such conversations to OFRT and keep discussing as long as you like. Here you can freely discuss topics relative to Pagan leadership, political viewpoints and so on. We do ask that you be courteous to other users and keep in mind that everyone has a valid viewpoint. You can use this list in many ways—as an R&D ground for your latest great idea in Pagan leadership, to discuss new political moves or to hash out the tail end of a discussion that just wasn't appropriate to go into length with on OurFreedom.

The rules here are the same as on OurFreedom (with the exception of the OT discussion thing)—keep it congenial, no flaming and basic Netiquette applies. Moderators are likely only to jump in if things get unpleasant. OFRT is likely to undergo periods of lull in its use. This is normal for such lists and is to be expected. Don't feel you have to keep conversations going past their "expiry date" as it were.

Feel free to drop in - and out of - OFRT as pleases you. You can do this easily by setting your membership to "No E-mail" when you're ready to leave a conversation and then changing it back to "Individual E-mails" or "Daily Digest" when you're ready to participate again.

Moderators of the OF list have no moderation privileges on OFRT and moderators of OFRT have no moderation privileges on OF. Any projects which arise on the OFRT list are to be brought back to the OF list in order to run through our agreed-upon decision-making procedures. The OF list remains the primary point of contact for all Full members of the coalition.