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List moderators: Cairril Adaire, Drema Baker

OurFreedom, the e-mail list of the Our Freedom coalition, is a forum for networking and resource-sharing among leaders of national Pagan organizations in America, as well as other key individuals who reach a national audience. It is also a "hotline" to notify said people of important issues affecting the national Pagan community & to coordinate any national response. It is a project-oriented list, not a discussion list, though some discussion is of course necessary when working on joint projects.

OurFreedom is a closed, unmoderated list, meaning membership is moderated but postings are not. Membership in the list is available only through Full Membership in the Our Freedom coalition. Current list members may suggest candidates for membership, who must meet the membership requirements set forth by the coalition. Full members may also participate in the discussion list, the OurFreedomRoundTable e-mail list.

In order to maintain list focus, from March 2001 membership on the OF list is restricted to one representative per organization. Exceptions are at the moderators' discretion.


    • Behavior is to be respectful, courteous, responsible, and professional.

    • Topics are to remain focused. If postings lose pertinence to the general list, the moderator or any list member may request it be taken to private e-mail. These requests are to be honored immediately.

    • Unless otherwise specified, the opinions expressed on this list are those of the authors & not of their organizations.

    • Do not forward, copy, quote from, or make public any message posted on OF without the author's express permission, except in cases where the material is clearly marked for public distribution (such as press releases).

    • If you post a message to be forwarded, please clearly state that it can be forwarded. Also, please include a release date for press releases, as well as a "Forward until" date.

    • The usual list rules: No spam, no attachments, no enriched formats. Quote only relevant sections of a message when responding rather than including the whole message. If you change the topic, please change the subject heading. Please do not send one-line responses such as "I agree!" to the entire list. To affirm an individual's statement, send mail directly to him/her. Please help keep this list focused.

    • Any breach of conduct will be addressed by the list moderators. Up to two warnings will be issued; if conduct does not improve, the moderators may remove the member from the list. Depending on the nature of the offense, the member's status may be changed to Signatory or the member may be removed from the coalition entirely.