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Administrative folk

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    • Applicant completes membership form. We offer two types of membership; "Full membership" includes OF e-mail list membership and signatory affiliation. "Signatory membership" is for those who want to co-sign on projects but prefer not to be added to the OF e-mail list. They do not participate in the drafting of projects and are only given the opportunity to sign or not sign any finalized coalition project.

    • The form is submitted automatically to the Administrative Committee. The committee conducts a preliminary review to determine the application meets basic membership requirements and that all necessary information has been supplied.

    • A synopsis of the application form (name, affiliation, major achievements) is posted to the OF list and to Signatory members. Complete membership form details are posted on a web page (URL included in post to all members). This post invites comments to be sent to the administrative committee (not the whole OF list).

    • 3-week comment period. Comments go directly to the Admin committee, not to the OF list as a whole.

    • Administrative committee reviews all comments, clarifies any questions/issues. All comments are treated confidentially (see Conditions for Blocks below). Any allegations against applicants must be substantiated. The administrative committee is responsible only for reviewing comments, not for determining membership. Final determination of membership is held by the Our Freedom coalition as a whole; the administrative committee exists only to streamline the bureaucratic aspect of approving or denying memberships.

    • If at the end of three weeks, further discussion is needed, one of the committee members will contact the applicant to let hir know what's going on. If there are no outstanding issues, the applicant's membership is approved or denied and the applicant is informed. All comments are treated confidentially.

    • An administrative committee member sends a message to all OF members, informing all of the acceptance or rejection. That message states to contact the administrative committee if further info is needed about the acceptance/rejection.

    • If a Full member, the new list member posts introductory message to OF list

    • New members are on probation for the first three months of their membership and may be removed from the coalition and/or the e-mail list if it turns out they are incompatible with existing members

Conditions for Blocks
Membership will be denied to any applicant if any current OF member has serious objections. Any one current coalition member can block the addition of any applicant, provided the member substantiates serious allegations against the applicant.

Serious objections include:

  • Applicant has engaged in violent criminal activity with a victim (murder, rape, assault, armed robbery, child abuse or pederasty that has been confirmed by a court, spousal abuse that has been confirmed by a court, violent acts against animals that have been confirmed by a court)
  • Applicant has performed acts of dishonor (cheating someone, stealing from a person or an organization, slandering someone in a very public way, stealing from other people's books or web pages or postings on the Internet and reprinting them without attribution)
  • Applicant has demonstrated an inability to work collaboratively with others or is a known antagonist in the Pagan community

Membership may also be denied if the OF list or coalition is going through organizational changes, decides to sets limits on the number of members it will take on, or for any other administrative reason. In many of these cases, denied applicants will be encouraged to apply again at a later date.

Our goal is always to create an effective working coalition, not necessarily to create a massive e-mail list. We will do what is necessary to be successful, with our goal being broad and fair participation.