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PAST PROJECTS OF OUR FREEDOM: A Pagan Civil Rights Coalition

OF projects are created and signed on an ad hoc basis. Not all coalition members participate in or even necessarily support each project. Only the co-signers of each project are the actual supporters.

The Our Freedom coalition has been developing since 1994. We have taken many collective actions, such as:

• [2001 - present] Since September 11th, many members have engaged more heavily in interfaith efforts and there have been fewer official OF projects. However, the Our Freedom Coalition remains very active as a hotline on religious freedom issues and is the premiere vehicle for linking national Pagan organizations and coordinating actions on projects large and small.

• [2017] Johnson Amendment: issued statement opposing the repeal of the Johnson Amendment

• [2014] Victimization Letter: issued letter against the victimization of children

• [2010] McCollum Letter: issued letter to various agencies involved in Patrick McCollum's struggle for religious freedom in the hiring of prison chaplains

• [2003] Sci-Fi Channel Letter: issued letter to Sci-Fi Channel decrying its call for Witches' participation in a "reality" TV show

• [2002] Coalition announces "officialization" to Pagan movement

• [2001] Coalition adopts name, codifies guidelines and processes, and establishes website

• [2001] 9-11 Falwell/Robertson Response: OF issued a press release decrying Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson's blaming of Pagans and others for the September 11th attacks

• [2001] Faith-Based Initiative: OF issued a joint letter informing President Bush of Pagans' intentions to apply for funding as Faith-Based Initiatives if legislation were passed

• [2001] Pagan Summit: Many OF members took part in the first national Pagan Summit. The success of this summit, plus our many years of collaboration on projects below, led to our shift from an ad hoc group to a more formal organization with membership and communications processes. The Summit was hosted by the Pagan Educational Network and was not an official OF event.

• [2000] Papal Apology Project: Many OF members supported the Papal Apology Project, which called on Pope John Paul II to include an apology to Pagans in his millennial apology.

• [1999] Bob Barr Response: Members of what would become the Our Freedom Coalition took collective, coordinated action to stop Rep. Bob Barr's efforts to deny the practice of Witchcraft in the military

• [1999] Boilerplate Project: An OF charrette created the Boilerplate, sections of material which Pagans can use when writing letters to educate the general public

• [1999] Recommended Reading List: While still part of the Pagan Leaders e-mail list, many current OF members participated in the project devising a recommended reading list for librarians [list requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, available free for download]

• [1998] Asatru Defense: Members of what would become the Our Freedom Coalition issued a joint statement decrying the co-option of Asatru by racists

• [1997/8] Dictionary Project: Members of what would become the Our Freedom Coalition urged major dictionary publishers to augment their definitions of "Witchcraft" and "Paganism"

• [1997] AP Project: Members of what would become the Our Freedom Coalition urged the AP to include Paganism in its StyleBook