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Projects in detail
Below is more information about the projects people agreed to take on.

National Pagan census
Coordinator: Cairril Adaire
Contract with a reputable, neutral organization to determine how many Pagans there are in the US. Seeking information on organizations which conduct polling, possible grants to apply for in order to fund the project, and contact information for criminologists or statisticians who may be able to assist.
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"Officialize" this group's existence
Coordinator: Cairril Adaire
Devise name, visual identity, and structure of this group in order to present more professional, unified presence to the mainstream. Will begin by organizing a small group of interested Summit attendees to develop proposed name, membership requirements, structure, and goals. Will present proposal to the OurFreedom e-mail list for commentary and suggestions. Will announce to Pagan movement as a whole when structure has been agreed upon.
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Pagan Portal Project
Coordinator: Dagonet
One-stop search engine for access to every aspect of Paganism. "Witchvox for the Pagan movement as a whole." Seeking suggested URLs for all Pagan sites.
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Pagan-Leaders list
Coordinators: Jerrie, Moose
Pagan-leaders@yahoogroups.com will now be a list for those who lead and manage registered legal non-profit and not-for profit earth religious congregations, land based projects, temples, organizations, publications and spiritual endeavors who are interested in the professional development of their administrative, worship and organizational structures.